Endless Possibilities

From the privacy of your own luxury coastal villa, enjoy your free time in the best possible way at Mandharini: delight in a swim in your own pool; take a peaceful nap on your home’s veranda; have a lunch or dinner at our Sands beach bar and restaurant; stroll along the beach, wander aimlessly through the enchanting 150 acre site; enjoy a wide range of watersports or practice your short game on our spectacular practice golf green. Mandharini has something for the whole family. If you’re seeking the perfect Kenyan property for sale, Mandharini is it.

Beach Bar & Restaurant

From the lively beach grill and bar, you can watch the boats moor and set sail at the jetty, wander along the beach or enjoy a range of water sports from snorkelling to more adventurous activities like windsurfing, sailing, diving, kite surfing and deep sea fishing. Our private beach is at your disposal to either moor your own vessel or utilise one of the Mandharini fleet to enhance you experiences and make your stay truly memorable.

Fun and Leisure

Kilifi possesses a near-perfect combination of elements that make it a world-class sailing and water sport destination. The Indian Ocean is perfect for those keen on sailing, while the sheltered creek at Mandharini is a great location to learn or just let kids splash around in a warm safe environment.

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The Surrounds

Kenya’s coast is spectacular, as all property owners and visitors will attest. It offers 400kms of unspoiled beaches, access to diverse wildlife, fauna and marine life. Its enchanting Swahili culture draws influence from the Sultanates of Zanzibar and Oman. The Coast’s strategic role in the oriental spice trade dates back from the days of Vasco Da Gamma.


Kilifi, on the North Coast, is a vibrant, coastal town and home to the 14th century Mnarani Ruins. The town is part of the Vision 2030 flagship project to invest in Kenya’s development of high-end international coastal tourism. Access to Kilifi is easy with regular flights to Mombasa, Vipingo or Malindi. Kilifi is fast becoming the most fashionable place to own luxury Kenyan houses and will, before long, become the prime destination of the East African coastline.

Experience fine dining at Mandharini with the seasonal dishes that represent the best of local, fresh produce combined with international flair and presentation. Have sundowners on a traditional sailing Dhow as a perfect end to the day.

Mandharini is setting a new benchmark for luxury living and impeccable homes.