Investment Seminar with Aly Khan Satchu

Since our launch in April, we have been hosting investment seminars on the Mandharini development. These seminars are meant to help potential investors learn what makes Mandharini an ideal investment. The initial seminar, held on May 16th, was at the Villa Rosa Kempinski. Aly-Khan Satchu was the primary speaker, and Executive Director Ashton Towler was also present.

During the seminar, the attendees chiefly learned how Mandharini will earn profits for them. For instance, Mandharini investors will earn rental yields of about 11% net. Furthermore, the property they purchase might appreciate in value by 20-25% each year, leading to a 100% return on investment in little more than three years. The next seminar will be on the 2nd of July at Zen Gardens.

Last modified on Wednesday, 16 March 2016 10:34